Scott Clay
New Star Ocean 5 Trailers and Details Released
Still no western release date though.
02.17.16 - 6:28 PM

As part of an ongoing series of character trailers for Star Ocean 5, Square Enix has recently released two more for your viewing pleasure. The first focuses on the crossbow wielding Emmerson, and the second on the seductive and powerful magician Fiore Brunelli. You can check both out below.

If that wasn't enough, Square Enix also released a few new details on the game. This time around you will be flying across the universe in the rather large Charles D. Goale spaceship. The Charles D. Goale was built by the Pangalactic Federation to be used in large scale exploration, as well as for combat. It comes equipped with powerful weapons and shields in order to do combat, but it also comes with its own shops, sickbay, and shuttle to facilitate its job as an exploration craft.

Star Ocean 5 Spaceship Outside
Star Ocean 5 Spaceship Inside

There are also some new details on the combat system. First up is the new step system. While in combat in Star Ocean 5, you can step in any direction in order to parry enemies and counterattack. Sounds a lot like the blindside system from Star Ocean 4, but there is still much to see about it. The other combat system in place is the character change system. You normally control Fidel out of combat, but as soon as you start combat, you will automatically change to the last character you controlled in battle. The character highlighted in blue in the user interface is the character you will be controlling. And lastly, it seems battles in Star Ocean 5 can become pretty big when participating in group battles. When Fidel and company get involved in conflicts between the Kingdom of Resulia and Trei'kur, they can get sucked into event group battles where a large number of people outside of the battle will participate.

Star Ocean 5 Step System
Star Ocean 5 Character Change System
Star Ocean 5 Character Group Battles

Speaking of battles, a few of Fidel and Emmerson's battle skills have also been released. Fidel has access so far too:

  • Cyclone Blade: Fidel does a jumping spin slash that launches enemies into the air

  • Mirror Blade: Taking a page from Claude from Star Ocean 2, Fidel will do 5 consecutive attacks at high speed that also launches enemies into the air.

  • Shotgun Bolt: Fidel shoots a burst of lighting that will sometimes put the enemy into a fog state.

Emmerson's battle skills so far include:

  • Burst Emission: Emmerson smashes the ground with a large amount of energy blowing up everything around it.

  • Chaotic Blossoms: Emmerson performs a deadly dropkick that will knock enemies back

And last but not least Private Actions are confirmed to be a part of Star Ocean 5. If you have never played a Star Ocean game before, Private Actions is a system where you can converse with members of your own party while in a town or pretty much anywhere on your journey. It helps you get to better know them, as well as influence what kind of ending you might get.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is due out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan on Match 31st. A Western release has still not been announced.