Mike Salbato
Take a Look at the New Gear and More for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2
Clearly "Gears of Change" refers to the costume changes we'll all be doing with all these new options.
02.12.16 - 8:59 PM

So uh, that Patch 3.2 trailer was kind of awesome, right? Now that Gears of Change is a mere 11 days away, promising to... change Heavensward in potentially major ways, Square Enix has pulled out all the stops in showing us just how extensive of an update this will be.

Along with the new trailer today, we have a shiny gallery update featuring even more new content, such as the stunningly-gorgeous insides of Alexander: Midas, and the bizarre-yet-fascinating new flying mount to be earned from the Gnath tribe:

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Alexander Midas

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Gnath Beast Tribe Mount

For us existing players, we know that raid content like Alexander is not the final challenge of FFXIV, but rather the goal at the end of the day is to look amazing. Glamoured gear is the real endgame, they say. As such, Patch 3.2 looks to contain loads of new gear, both to be bought/earned, and crafted, and we have not only several in our gallery, but even the specific names of some of it.

The new gear from Alexander: Midas is appropriately golden, in keeping with the primal's king-themed naming conventions. Below we have the Prototype Midan Attire of Maiming (Dragoon) and Prototype Midan Attire of Casting (Casters):

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Alexander Midas Gear Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Alexander Midas Gear

The brand new Allagan Tomestone of Lore currency will open up a new tier of equipment for all jobs, as well. This time around each set is based on a different primal, with the gear in general fittingly being called Eikonic Gear, as primals and eikons are maybe different words for the same beings (or not, but the split opinions and theories hurts my head).

Er, in any case, here are the four Eikon Gear sets we've seen and their names:

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Eikonic Gear

Monks get the Hellfire Attire of Striking, based on the fiery-tempered Ifrit.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Eikonic Gear

Dragoons can glad themselves in a fittingly-sleek coat of metallic grace, with the sharp feather-like accents of the Slipstream Attire of Maiming based on the wind primal, Garuda.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Eikonic Gear

Ninjas wearing the Torrent Attire of Scouting aren't going to blend in with the shadows very well, but I'll admit I want to level up my ninja to check out this Leviathan set.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Eikonic Gear

Finally, casters wield black and summoning magic, and are often relegated to darker tones in their gear. In a neat change of pace, the Hailstorm Attire of Casting is inspired by Shiva, enabling Black Mages something quite different from their typical garb.

Tanks and healers are so far a mystery, as are the unrepresented primals Ramuh, Moggle Mog, Bismarck, and Ravana. My healing buddies are just hoping that we won't be trolled and get presented with a set reminiscent of the nightmarish moogle garb from Lightning Returns...

Lightning Returns Worst Garb Ever


In any case, that brings this Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward love fest media update to a close. Once again, the Patch 3.2 trailer is embedded below, and Gears of Change drops on February 23rd, for PS3, PS4, and PC. After months of continual improvements and a suspension of sales, the vastly-improved Mac OS X client will also finally go back on sale on the same day.

(And yes, RPGFan will have an overdue review of Patch 3.1 before that time!)