Chris Gebauer
Rising Star Games is Bringing ARPG SADAME to the West
We finally know the answer to last week's tease!
02.12.16 - 2:10 PM

Last week, publisher Rising Star Games teased us with the following tweet:

The silhouette wasn't much to go by, but Rising Star Games stuck to their word and have revealed that they will be bringing action JRPG Ichi-sengoku-dan SADAME to the west. The game will be released in Europe and North America for the 3DS, and will reach European gamers on February 25 through the Nintendo eShop.

In a post on their website, Rising Star Games detailed what was appealing about bringing SADAME to the west and what to look forward to from the impending release. you can check out an excerpt and below:

SADAME Announcement Still

“Sadame’s release is the perfect example of what we’ve always done well: bringing great Japanese games to the west so that more people can enjoy them”, said Martin Defries, Managing Director of Rising Star Games. “It’s the perfect balance of both action and RPG, making it ideal for players looking to try something exciting and new on their Nintendo 3DS system.”
Check out SADAME's

Game Features:

  • Four distinct types of hero – Samurai, Ninja, Monk or Rogue – allow players to experiment with a variety of gameplay styles.

  • Action mixes with deep RPG elements: new abilities, levelling up, equipment upgrades via enemy loot drops and a massive skill tree to unlock.

  • Dozens of levels and over twenty bosses to test your heroes’ capabilities.

  • Customize your experience via weapons, upgrades and levelling, with certain events and encounters available only to certain heroes.

  • New difficulty levels unlock with successive playthroughs, while weapons and armour can be shared across multiple character files.

  • Collect heroes via StreetPass and then utilise them as a support NPC. Locally saved heroes can also be selected to support!