Scott Clay
Check Out Final Fantasy XIV's Action Packed 3.2 Trailer
A Calcabrina boss and a Voltron like boss! My body is not ready!
02.12.16 - 1:56 PM

Today Square Enix released the trailer for the upcoming 3.2 patch for Final Fantasy XIV. This trailer is full of awesome Final Fantasy fan service showing off the primal battle with Final Fantasy VI's Sepiroth, a dungeon boss battle against Final Fantasy IV's Calcabrina, and the awesome battles within the new raid, Alexander: Midas. This time it seems that the penultimate battle of this raid tier is a battle against a goblin version of Voltron (or a Megazord if you're a 90s kid). It also appears they took a page out of Final Fantasy X, allowing you to reenact the awesome rope sliding cutscene from the assault on Bevelle FMV while in Midas. I know I can't wait to do battle with all of these bosses, as well as check out the rest of the patch including the return of my main man Hildibrand. If you want a more in-depth look at the new patch, check out our previous news story on it and don't forget to check out the trailer for yourself below.

Ladies and gentleman, get your raid face ready because Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.2 is set to release on February 23rd.