Mike Salbato
Gorgeous New Final Fantasy XV Screens Showcase Environments and More
There's a lot of cool stuff here, but it's all about the dragoon.
02.02.16 - 12:41 AM

We saw plenty of high-energy combat and fascinating gameplay in this week's latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report, along with several interesting new character details. And that's good! Some cool sneaking stuff, interesting multi-character battle combos, and elemental magic that interacts with and changes the environment. It has many people ever more excited about the long-in-coming next mainline Final Fantasy.

And if you're a fan of any of the series' famed dragoons, then you are likely excited at seeing Aranea Highwind, FFXV's own leaping warrior:

Final Fantasy XV Aranea Highwind

Along with the inevitable fan favorite character, we have new screens and artwork showing off the afore-mentioned elemental magic (okay, just fire), and some stills of infiltrating a Niflheim Base.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

Check out these and more in our Final Fantasy XV gallery. If you didn't see the trailer I'm talking about - and you must - here it is again:

This week was just a taste of what's to come, of course: The Uncovered event for Final Fantasy XV is happening on March 30th in Los Angeles. This event is free to attend (you can RSVP soon for tickets at http://finalfantasyxv.com/uncovered/), and will be livestreamed on YouTube and Twitch as well. This is where we're told we'll really see Final Fantasy XV, and get important details such as that elusive release date. March 30th can't get here soon enough!