Scott Clay
WildStar's Next Big Content Update Will Leave You Cold as Ice
Make sure to pack your long-johns for Destination Arcterra.
02.01.16 - 10:00 PM

Over the next few months, WildStar will be rolling out their new content update, Destination Arcterra. Arcterra is a frozen wasteland with plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into.  The WildStar developers are pulling out all the stops for this content update, including rolling out new unique lighting and shaders designed specifically for this zone to highlight the frozen wasteland's beautiful aurora borealis-like backdrops.  

WildStar MMORPG Destination Arcterra

The new area will also introduce snowballing boss encounters where small groups and solo players will tackle 2-man bosses across the zone to fill up the zone's boss kill meter.  When certain thresholds on the meter are filled, 5-man and even 20-man bosses will spawn.  If you can down these bosses, you of course are going to be rewarded with some awesome loot.  The zone also has its own unique blizzard which will auto force-spawn 20-man bosses around the zone.  It will be a mad rush for each faction to take down these bosses as the first faction to collect the keys these bosses drop will be able to unlock an exclusive dungeon underneath the map for the next 24 hours.

WildStar MMORPG Destination Arcterra

Not forgetting their policy of fun over grind, Arcterra will have its own unique reward track that includes a new costume and a new mount.  No info on what they are yet but if I could take a guess on the mount I am thinking it might be some kind of kickass snowboard/hoverboard hybrid, or maybe some kind of snowmobile.  I know I'm excited to find out.

The second act of the Nexus Saga continues in this content patch with the introduction of the mysterious Vault of the Archon located deep in the frozen wastes of Arcterra.  The Vault is said to hold Eldan's most forbidden secrets which everyone is out to get their hands on.  Each new story instance will feature unique gameplay and bosses in this new map.  Like the first chapter in the Nexus Saga, this second chapter will have beautiful cinematics and fully voiced NPCs.  Each faction is also getting an iconic character to guide them though these instances.  For the Exiles, it's Dorian Walker — the man who discovered planet Nexus — and for the Dominion it is intergalactic super-celebrity Artemis Zin.  The best part of these new story instances is that they can completed with your friends!  WildStar's developers heard your concerns that it felt weird to play single player instances in an MMO where it's all about playing with your friends.  Of course if you want to tackle them alone you still can.

WildStar MMORPG Destination Arcterra World Story

WildStar MMORPG Destination Arcterra World Story

The other exciting new part of these content updates that end-game raiders will heavily enjoy is the new raid Redmoon Terror.  Redmoon Terror will be an epic 20-man raid featuring the undead pirate hoards of Mordechai Redmoon and Laveka the Dark-Hearted.  Players will be able to choose the difficulty of the bosses before an encounter begins in case your all-star raid team isn't available on that day or you feel like joining some randoms for a good time.  Redmoon Terror will hit the PTR server soon so that dedicated players can test the content and give feedback before it goes live later this year.

WildStar MMORPG Destination Arcterra Redmoon Terror WildStar MMORPG Destination Arcterra Redmoon Terror

If all this wasn't enough, a new item upgrade system is being added to the game.  With this new system, players will increase the power of their weapons, runes, and armor up to 5 times with special components.  These item upgrade components are obtained from salvaging gear, but instead of making it frustrating and random on what kind upgrade you get, players will choose what kind of upgrade they want when they salvage.  This new system will make tons of gear very viable across all levels.

Finally, if the game wasn't free enough for everyone (it is 100% free so go download and play already), WildStar is coming to Steam in the first half of 2016.  Now you have no excuse not to enjoy the wonderful world of Nexus!