Colin Burns
Final Fantasy XV Concept Art Shows Off Enemies and Chocobos
This stuff deserves its own artbook.
10.31.15 - 4:25 PM

Square Enix took to their official Instagram page to unveil some concept art for Chocobos and enemies in Final Fantasy XV. First off, have a look at everyone's favorite giant chicken, the Chocobo.

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo Concept Art

Chihiro Hashi the Art Designer shares the art of the chocobo. The chocobo was designed to be a sweet, much loved partner on the player's journey through FFXV. We would be so happy to see everyone out there showering him with affection.
One of the most difficult points in perfecting the design was getting the right level of stylization to give a realistic avian appearance but also have those loveable touches that stop it from just being a big bird.

Next we have a series staple enemy, Goblins. Notice the similarities to the original artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Final Fantasy XV Goblin Concept Art

The art team's Hiromitsu Kawashima shares the "Goblin". This monster doesn't have any specific concept art and was created in an interesting and unusual way, with the character modeler producing the model directly from Yoshitaka Amano's pictures. This monster is the result of trying to insert the art created by Mr. Amano for FF2 into FFXV in a realistic way. It was very difficult finding the right balance to align on in order to capture both zoological realism and the unique character of Mr. Amano's art.

This enemy, known as a Mesmerize, should be familiar to any veteran of Final Fantasy VIII. Their horns fall off during battle and this feature will hopefully carry over into FF XV.

Final Fantasy XV Mesmerize Concept Art

Art Director, Tomohiro Hasegawa shares an early stage monster design. He states that the design really captures a good balance between fantasy and realism. Upon brainstorming various ideas as a team, they felt that an idea to give it a kind of protuberance like a seahorse was intriguing, although it was hard work to try to get that idea looking like a plausible, real animal. "Mesmerize" is this creature's name. Decide your weapon of choice when taking on their piercing attacks.

And finally, take a look at one of the coolest new monsters from FF XV, the Catoblepas. These massive creatures are the kings of the Duscae region from the demo.

Final Fantasy XV Catoblepas Concept Art

Catoblepas is a massive and creepy creature. Art Designer, Chihiro Hashi states that "more than anything the monster is just really, really large, so we dedicated a lot of effort to getting the design on the highly visible face and leg sections not to look too goofy and ridiculous."

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.