Peter Triezenberg
Dig In to an Official Final Fantasy XV Burger
10.31.15 - 4:17 PM

Paris Games Week has provided some great tidbits of RPG-relates news, not the least of which is our first glimpse at the new NieR title (seriously, whoo!), but perhaps the most interesting thing wasn't even game-related. Well, kind of. You know how Final Fantasy XV prominently features Ignis' cooking? Well, Paris Games Show attendees who visited a Square Enix food truck got to sample an official Final Fantasy XV burger, which seems like the perfect meal to take with you on an epic adventure.

Available at the truck were Chocobo (chicken) and Behemoth (beef) patties, as well as bags, towels, and postcards featuring artwork from the game. Apparently the food was pretty decent, too. Maybe the RPGFan crew will get a chance to sample them next E3? I'd eat a Chocobo burger (which probably makes me a horrible person).

final fantasy xv burger paris games week

final fantasy xv burger food truck menu

While not quite as exciting as, say, a release date, it's still an interesting bit of promotion for Final Fantasy XV! The game is scheduled for release on PS4 and XB1 sometime in 2016.