Brett Wooley
Would You Play Bad End on Steam?
No, it's not one of the Silent Library games.
10.30.15 - 4:05 PM

"If you play, will you die?" It is a question you face when you play Bad End. When Kyuuhei Inui's friend mysteriously dies, he seeks to find the truth behind it. Apparently, his death was caused after playing a notorious mobile game (probably from Kemco). Will he discover the cause of his friend's demise, or will he play the game in hopes of learning the truth behind the rumor?

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With a decent run on Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire, YOX-Project is looking to move onto Steam via Greenlight. Amusingly, the game within the game is also called Bad End. So it's a VN game about a VN game (Visual Nception). Bad End is still pending the "big green thumbs up," so visit their page if you are interested. Or will you down-vote it for a true bad end? How sinister!

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