John Tucker
RPGFan Has An Extra Life Team!
And what's this about future streaming as well?
10.30.15 - 2:22 PM

Obviously, we love games here at RPGFan. It's right there in our name! But you know what's better than playing games? Getting to use that love of gaming to help sick children, which the Extra Life charity program has been doing since 2008. This year, we're proud to announce that RPGFan is joining the fight by fielding a team of our own to help raise funds for this extremely worthy cause.

In case you're not familiar with Extra Life, here's how it works: those who participate pledge to play games for 24 hours on a particular day, and ask for people to recognize that effort by donating to the Extra Life charity. Those gaming sessions don't have to be streamed, but it's certainly more fun for those who donate if they can actually watch the players play.

This year's Extra Life event takes place on November 7th, and we are already stocking up on energy drinks and figuring out how to sleep for 24 hours the day before so that we will be up to the challenge.

You can find RPGFan's Extra Life team here, or by heading to and searching for RPGFan. Please consider donating to one of our team members, sharing this link on Facebook or Twitter... anything you can do to promote this cause. It's one of the biggest things we can do each year as a gaming community to show people that our hobby can be a force for good in the world.

As of this writing, the RPGFan team is comprised of just staff members, but our readers are a big part of what makes this such a great site, so if you're going to be playing, we invite you to join our team using the big friendly button on our team page (even if you're not going to be playing RPGs). Your friends' and families' donations will still count toward your personal goal, and they'll still go to the hospital that you've chosen to support — you'll just be showing them what a great community you're a part of.

Helping sick kids is pretty great already, but is that all we have in store for you on the online gaming front? Would I even ask that question if it were? Of course not.

Planning for our participation in Extra Life made us realize that streaming games is something we'd like to do a lot more of than we have in the past, and therefore, starting on Sunday, November 15th (a week after Extra Life), we're going to begin streaming games on RPGFan's Twitch feed every Sunday at noon Eastern time (that's 9 AM Pacific and 5 PM in London). We're currently planning to stream for 90 minutes each week, but we may adjust that after our first few weeks as we see how it goes.

We'll have additional info on who'll be streaming and what they'll be playing as we approach that date, but if you'd like a sneak preview, check out Caitlin Argyros' personal Twitch feed this Saturday evening (Central time) for some spooky Halloween action with Until Dawn!