Colin Burns
New Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay, Details and Livestream
Also, a bunch of retailer exclusive bonuses.
10.28.15 - 8:00 PM

Square Enix has been ramping up the hype for Dragon Quest Builders as it nears its January release date in Japan. Let's begin with unpacking the latest gameplay details. Square has gone in depth about the starting area of the game, Merkid. Merkid is a fortress town in ruin surrounded by grassy plains and poisonous swamps. You'll find caves dotted around the area and these house precious materials that you need to gather in order to rebuild Merkid.

Dragon Quest Builders Merkid

As you build and explore, you'll come across monsters like Drackys and Skeletons. Some monsters will be terrorizing wandering townsfolk and you'll have to save the people so they'll return to town and take up jobs or provide you with more info and blueprints. When you build up the town to a certain level, you will unlock a "Travel Gate" which will let you warp to new areas.

Square announced plans for a "Dragon Quest Builders Extracurricular Lesson" livestream on October 30th in Japan. The stream will highlight more gameplay on the Vita. Check it out on their Youtube page at 7 a.m. Eastern US time.

Now, if you are completely sold on the game, you need to decide where to make your purchase. There are a bunch of retailer specific bonuses available so choose wisely. Each retailer has a unique set of monsters to defeat and doing so will unlock a special Dragon Quest III character blueprint. All first print copies will come with a recipe for cherry blossom trees.

Dragon Quest Builders Cherry Blossoms

  • Square Enix e-Store Bonus: Slime Pattern Block recipe
  • "Death Knight and Armor Knight Army plus Dragon Quest III Wizard Blueprints (Male)" Set
  • Aeon: "Killing Machine and Hunter Mech Army plus Dragon Quest III Sage Blueprints (Female)" Set
  • Game Tsutaya: "Goldman and Skeleton Soldier Army plus Dragon Quest III Monk Blueprints (Male)" Set
  • Biccamera - Soffmap - Kojima: "Bearwolf and Ghost Army plus Dragon Quest III Dancer Blueprints (Female)" Set
  • Yodobashi Camera: "Great Mage and Dracky Army plus Dragon Quest III Warrior Blueprints (Female)" Set
  • Lawson: "Dragon and Slime Army plus Dragon Quest III Hero Blueprints (Male)" Set

Dragon Quest Builders Lawson Dragon Slime

Dragon Quest Builders is coming out in Japan on January 28th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.