Colin Burns
Yo-kai Watch Gets its First U.S. TV Commercial
Quick, explain a complex part of Japanese culture in 30 seconds!
10.28.15 - 7:58 PM

Nintendo of America has released their first TV spot to promote the release of Level 5's Yo-kai Watch. The ad spends most of its time trying to explain what exactly a yo-kai is through examples. This is the most effective way to explain them to foreigners because there isn't a good translation for the Japanese word, "yokai".

Example: Mom and Dad are fighting; it must be a yo-kai! They are responsible for all kinds of things from forgetfulness to that eerie feeling you get when you walk home at night and think someone is following you.

You'll get the chance to meet over 200 unique yo-kai when Yo-kai Watch is released in North America on November 6th for the Nintendo 3DS.