Peter Triezenberg
New NieR Project Now Titled NieR Automata
A tale of machines and a devastated Earth.
10.28.15 - 3:43 AM

In this week's issue of Famitsu, Square revealed the name of the new NieR project being developed by Platinum Games. It is now officially titled NieR Automata.

Taking place on a ruined Earth, NieR Automata will show the battle between an android unit called YoRHa and the "living machines" that are enemies of mankind. The protagonist, "YoRHa #2 Type B", is able to wield a sword and a great sword, and utilize a system called "Pod" for long-ranged attacks. Interestingly enough, it seems that the YoRHa units are prominently featured in a stage play by series creator Yoko Taro. Could they possibly take place in the same universe? Below is a short summary of the stage play.

nier new project nier automata square enix yorha

During the during the 14th Machine Armament War in the year 11,939AD, humans are near extinction. With the invasion of the "Living Machines", humanity had no choice but to abandon the planet, taking refuge upon the Moon. Their only hope lie in an armada of specially configured androids called "YoRHa". Programmed with human emotions and feelings, they descend upon the surface of the planet to combat the ceaseless onslaught of the Machines.

With the destruction of No.1 in the decent to the planet, No.2 assumes command over all units...however reluctant and unsure of her own abilities. She remains this way throughout the entity of the play; she keeps her black "visor" on the longest...only taking it off in the final scene when she faces the machines on her own.

No.2, after witnessing the destruction of her unit and the last of the Resistance, a failed YoRHa expedition hundreds of years before her time, she is alone among a cold, unfeeling world ruled by machines.

A blog post on provides a more detailed look at the YoRHa play and how it might tie into NieR Automata. Be sure to keep an eye on as we learn more!