Scott Clay
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Due Out November 10th
As goes patch 3.1, so goes Scott!
10.26.15 - 3:11 AM

Thanks to the recent Letter from the Producer Live Part XXV, Director and Producer of Final Fantasy XIV Yoshi-P announced that the release date for patch 3.1 will be November 10th. Patch 3.1, titled As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness, will contain a bunch of new content for everyone to enjoy. Check out the awesome new trailer below for a quick overview of all the new content coming in the patch.

A lot of the info from the live letter was content we had heard about from previous live letters such as the Void Ark 24 man raid and the Lord of Verminon mini-game, but there was some cool new stuff confirmed as well.

Final Fantasy XIV Void Ark Diablos

First off we will be getting an extreme mode version of the Singularity Reactor battle from the end of the 3.0 story line. Also known as the Knights of the Round fight, it will be split up into 10 different phases, and the reward for defeating it will be weapons that supposedly will be good enough to help players that are still stuck trying to clear Alexander Savage Floors 3 and 4. This means it is a good chance that the weapons are item level 205 or maybe even 210 which is a huge boost for a lot of players.

Final Fantasy XIV Warrior of Darkness

We also got a sneak peak at the new story quests, and get excited Final Fantasy 5 fans as the adorable Lalafell featured below has been pretty much confirmed to be Krile, a student of Baldesion. She even comes with her signature white mage cat ear hood, so we could be seeing some Final Fantasy 5 fan service in the next patch which I am not going to lie has got me pretty excited.

Final Fantasy XIV Krile

Unfortunately there is one important part that will be left out of this patch until patch 3.15, and it's the long awaited sequel to the relic weapon quest. We did get a bit of info on it and this time around the relic will be called the Anima weapon. For those that finished the long grind that was the Zodiac weapon you will get an advantage in the first step of the Anima weapon. You will also be able to start a Anima weapon for a different job then what you finished your Zodiac weapon on.

Final Fantasy XIV Pharos Sirius Hard Mode

Final Fantasy Patch 3.1 will be released November 10th, and remember to check back with RPGFan as we give you continued coverage of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.