Chris Gebauer
Digimon World: Next Order Will Have Digimon Adventure tri. Linked Content
Two new Digimon and a new character reveal!
10.25.15 - 9:27 PM

The latest issue of V Jump magazine has a big reveal for Digimon World: Next Order: a brand new character and new Digimon. The new character is Luce, a young girl that lost her memory but is brimming with energy. She is always carrying around her plush Numemon toy.

V Jump Digimon Reveal

The V Jump spread also revealed that Taomon and Gallantmon Crimson Mode will appear in the game. Taomon is a Digimon that left Jijimon's village for an unknown reason.

The last bit of news from V Jump is that Digimon World: Next Order will have linked content with the new Digimon Adventure tri anime film project. Details are sparse and will be made available at a later date. The first film, Reunion, releases on November 21st.