David Brown
Find Your Inner Book with the Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain Trailer
I can't remember the last time I played a video game as a piece of literature.
10.23.15 - 11:52 PM

Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain, a new dungeon RPG from Nippon Ichi Software, is being released early next year, and they're releasing a teaser trailer build some excitement.

Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain takes place in a lovely little place called Refrain, where (as you might have guessed) there is a labyrinth and a witch. The labyrinth is underground and people who go there tend to die quickly. Enter the witch. She decides to visit the labyrinth of Refrain, and that's where the player comes in, in the form of "Youro Rekitei," a legendary tome in the possession of the witch. Since you can't really do much as a book, players will customize dolls made by the witch. The dolls will serve as the adventuring party. Take a look at the trailer below.

Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain will be released on January 28th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita.