Mike Salbato
Retro Encounter 5: Terranigma ~ Final Thoughts
Quintet's SNES swan song.
10.23.15 - 11:32 PM

At some point on their history, both Random Encounter and Rhythm Encounter have fallen victim to one or two technological issues. It wasn't until the folks on Retro Encounter had their own "wait, what happened to that file?" moment that they would join the rest of us in knowing the pain of tech's bite. I try and remind everyone that Toy Story 2 was nearly lost, so it happens to the best of us.

And that vague explanation is why we're here presenting the finale of Retro Encounter's fifth game, Terranigma, and why production is behind on their October title. Luckily, that's being rectified sooner than even we expected, so you won't have much longer to wait on that one!

In the meantime, check out the crew's Final Thoughts on Terranigma, the final title in Quintet's (RIP) "Soul Blazer Trilogy" for SNES.

Look for Episode 6 next week, and be sure to head over to the show's iTunes page (linked below) and let the Retro crew know if you're enjoying the show! As you may (or may not) know, visibility in iTunes is determined be several factors, including subscriptions and reviews, so the more love they get, the more people will be able to discover the show.

The imagery for this month's Terranigma Final Thoughts was created by FixelCat, a wonderfully talented artist who was gracious enough to let us use their artwork for this update. Be sure to check out their DeviantArt page! Thank you so much for letting us use your lovely artwork! &heart;