Colin Burns
Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Releasing on PC 'Around December'
And they say lightning can't strike twice...or six times.
10.23.15 - 4:23 PM

On his personal twitter account, producer Yoshinori Kitase, confirmed that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be coming to PC in or around December.

The tweet was translated by a NeoGAF user:

Kitase P here, to report the current status of the development of the PC version of FFXIII LR. We are currently putting the finishing touches to the game and it will take a bit more time until it's complete. We should able to release it around December.
I'm terribly sorry for the late release despite saying that the game will be out in Autumn.
We will share more details with you at a later date.

Lightning Returns FFXIII PC Release

With the release of Lightning Returns, PC users will be able to play the final chapter in Lightning's trilogy. The price has not been confirmed but the other Final Fantasy XIII games are available on Steam for about $15 US.