David Brown
Two Million Users Are Already Enjoying Dragon Quest of the Stars
Now, just imagine that number if it came out West.
10.21.15 - 4:32 PM

It was announced last week that Dragon Quest of the Stars was downloaded one million times within 24 hours of its release, and that momentum doesn't appear to be slowing down. Dragon Quest of the Stars (the actual Japanese title being Hoshi no Dragon Quest) has been downloaded over two million times on Android and iOS devices in Japan, according to Square Enix. The interesting bit: it's been out for a week.

As a bonus to players who downloaded, Sqaure Enix will be shelling out the "Red Bunny Suit Set" for free. Take a look below.

dragon quest of the stars reward

The "Red Bunny Suit Set" includes the "Red Bunny Head," the "Red Bunny Suit Top," and the "Red Bunny Suit Bottom." Along with the new digs, Square Enix will also be rewarding players who downloaded Dragon Quest of the Stars before October 19th with 500 Gems.