Stephen Meyerink
RPGFan Music: Drag-On Dragoon OST Review
Don't drag that dragoon on my lawn!
10.21.15 - 5:15 AM

And lo, after months of silence and disappearedness, I return from the world below with much news and other such skullduggery! Well, maybe not, but the fact is I'm now established enough in Japan that I can get back to presenting you lovely reader folks with reviews from our outstanding RPGFan Music team!

On the menu today is veteran Pat Gann's careful dissection of the Drag-On Dragoon / Drakengard OST. Mr. Gann has a lot to say about this album, released a couple of years back as a complete set of the game's OST, which up to that point had been bizarrely offered as two separate volumes. My recommendation is that you read his words, carefully consider them, and then play the samples-- loudly.