Mike Salbato
Yo-Kai Watch is Almost Here - Come See New Screens & Artwork
First look at the creature collector from LEVEL-5 and Nintendo.
10.17.15 - 7:43 PM

What do you do if you're Nintendo, and make millions from a game series about collecting and battling monsters? You localize LEVEL-5's Yo-Kai Watch, a title in which you play a boy with a special watch that allows him to befriend Yo-Kai and pit them against one another in battle. Selling over 7 million units in Japan, and generating over $1 billion in sales of games, toys, and other merchandise since 2013, it's safe to say Yo-Kai Watch is doing well in Japan.

The Nintendo 3DS title is coming to the United States, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Korea, so plenty of gamers worldwide will get the chance to see what the sensation is about. Despite Yo-Kai Watch's similarity to Pokémon on the surface, this isn't exactly a clone: The game's 200+ Yo-Kai aren't monsters hanging out in tall grass, but may be hidden throughout the land. Using your titular Yo-Kai Watch, you must track them down, and often not only defeat, but "impress" them in battle. Nintendo frequently refers to the Yo-Kai not as monsters or ghosts, despite their similarities to both, but as "mischievous" Yo-Kai. These Yo-Kai earn such a descriptor by sometimes causing problems with the world's people - such as causing people to forget things or arguing with one another. Tracking down the offending Yo-Kai adds to your collection of course, but will also help others that may be affected by their presence.

Take a look at our brand-new Yo-Kai Watch gallery for plenty of screenshots and artwork. Look for Yo-Kai Watch for 3DS on November 6th in North America.