Colin Burns
Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain Releasing January in Japan
With character art from the Disgaea guy!
10.16.15 - 4:49 AM

Nippon Ichi Software's newest 3D dungeon RPG Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain will be releasing on January 28th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita. The standard edition will go for ¥5,980 (~$52 US) and a limited edition will be available for ¥7,980 (~$70 US).

Coven and the Labyrinth of Refrain Release Date

The game is set in the mysterious, deadly and labyrinthine town of Refrain. No one dares enter the labyrinth until a young witch turns up with a special book. You, the player, are the book; your name is Youro Rekitei and the witch uses you to summon doll-like party members to explore the dungeon. You will be able to customize your dolls. Pretty interesting concept! Hopefully, this one will find it's way West.