Brett Wooley
Witness How Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is Evolving
A gameplay evolution about the Human Revolution.
10.12.15 - 4:50 AM

Eidos Montreal has been busy recently with showcasing the work and new gameplay functions of Deus Ex : Mankind Divided. Game Trailers posted a new 15 minute preview/interview with developers of the fourth (and a half if you count The Fall) iteration in the Deux Ex universe.

  • Executive Producer Stephane Roy is confident that your choices are going to have story bending consequences.
  • Level design is an important focus to Eidos Montreal, making locations that actually look like they could exist and function in real life.
  • The team at Eidos Montreal is working on giving aggressive combat an equally rewarding feel, as the skillful use of stealth.
  • Making the cover system more versatile has also been a focus. Players can aim for cover and move quickly towards it.
  • Augmentations are accessible in a wheel menu, and can be hot-keyed to a controller D-pad and trigger.

deus ex mankind divided gameplay videos

  • Adam has a new full body shield called "Titan" that was a massive graphical undertaking, according to Executive Art Director Jonathan Jacques-Belletete. Extensive work went into coding how it would react to movement and damage. The shield drains a massive amount of Adam's energy, but can bail him out of danger.
  • Adam's energy for augments now recharges, but more powerful augments can completely consume a portion until it can be restored by a consumable biocell. Biocells can also power objects in the real world, so there is certain risks involved in using them. Gameplay Director Patrick Fortier advised that this was a design choice to give players more freedom to use augs, but without giving a sense of being too powerful.
  • The new Icarus Dash can be used for platforming, moving to cover, and to smash into enemies or the ground for an area attack.
  • Adam can modify his guns in real time; changing ammo types, attachments, and the firing pattern of the gun. His augment based weapons can be charged for secondary uses, such as his nano blade which can charge to become a delayed explosive projectile.
  • Hacking has similar mechanics from Human Revolution, but with some graphical and functional improvements. Adam can also remote hack less complex objects, in a short rhythmic mini-game, and change their functionality.

If you would like a concentrated video discussing the changes from Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Mankind Divided, check out the video from Outside Xbox. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will launch on February 23rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.