Brett Wooley
Learn Japanese and Date Girls With Love Language Japanese
I hope senpai understands me...
10.12.15 - 4:45 AM

Are you a Japanese visual novel game enthusiast that simultaneously loves learning languages and dating sims? Then Love Language Japanese is the game for you! New developer is pushing their new educational game Love Language Japanese: Year One Gentlemen Edition on Steam Greenlight for release on PC and Mac.

The player will engage in 90 in-game days of life at Koto Gakuen. Gameplay includes Japanese lessons in class, homework mini-games, and tests on your course work. Between this you will take part in a story with characters that have "their own story, own behaviors, and own secrets that you have to learn through encounters." These encounters are chosen by the player, and how you interact will define your relationship with each character.

Some questions were raised about the artwork of this game, and the developer did not shy away from commenting. The assets being used appear to be from a Japanese erotic visual novel game called Anata no Koto o Suki to Iwasete (Let Me Say I Love You). stated they are partnering with developer Praline (responsible for the aforementioned VN game) to allow use of the artwork. are currently considering a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for additional production. This would include voice acting for the story and encounters, an additional character, additional mini games, and more general content. They are reaching out to the public for ideas on what to procure for reaching certain donation tiers. Love Language Japanese: Year One Gentlemen Edition is scheduled to for release in Q1 2016.