Colin Burns
The Legend of Legacy Receives an Official Launch Trailer
You can play as a frog. Sold.
10.10.15 - 8:49 PM

The release of the Atlus published, 3DS exclusive RPG, The Legend of Legacy, is coming up soon and Nintendo has released the official launch trailer.

The trailer highlights the beautiful art style, amazing music and complex battle system in the game. Many people liken this release to Bravely Default or Final Fantasy but the similarities are only skin deep. The Legend of Legacy is developed by an A-list team of JRPG veterans, including Kyoji Koizumi who was designer on many games in the SaGa series. Once you get past the visuals, you'll start to notice all of the SaGa-ness in Legacy's game design.

The Legend of Legacy will release for the Nintendo 3DS in North America on October 13th. First run copies come with a collector's box, soundtrack CD and artbook. The game will come to Europe early in 2016.