Chris Gebauer
New English Summon Night 5 Gameplay Trailer Released
25 minutes of goodness from the upcoming SRPG.
10.10.15 - 6:56 PM

The good folks over at Gaijinworks have released a video showcasing an event scene and combat from their upcoming SRPG Summon Night 5. The footage shows Arca's story from Chapter 2, with Kagerou as her Cross. Gaijinworks has stated that the skill and summon set for the characters in the video is fairly limited, given it takes place early in the game. There is also a typo in the text (did you see it?), but the footage is from an older build and the typo has been fixed.

Summon Night 5 will release for the PSP (and will be playable on PS Vita) at some point this Fall.

Check out the footage below!