Colin Burns
New Town, Enemy, Character Details for Dragon Quest Builders
I'm hoping for cameos from other DQ games.
10.09.15 - 2:14 AM

This week's issue of Jump magazine was full of new Dragon Quest Builders information. Square Enix's take on a world building game is chock full of RPG elements and classic Dragon Quest trappings.

As you grow your own town, residents will trickle in and bring with them unique skills and information that will allow you to develop further. When your town gets built up enough, you'll gain access to the "Travel Door" which will bring you to new lands.

The game features series staple enemies like Drackys and Skeletons and you'll have to protect your villagers and dwellings from invasion. Two new characters were also introduced; Rolando is the son of a former mayor and Prin is a girl who will give you quests.

Dragon Quest Builders Scan

Dragon Quest Builders is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on January 28th in Japan.