Jesse Woo
New Tri-Force Heroes Trailer Explains the Power of Co-op
And introduces a new princess.
10.04.15 - 9:24 PM

Move over Zelda, there's a new princess in need of help and she is here to call upon three heroes in The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes. The upcoming 3DS game requires players to team up to free the Princess Styla from a terrible curse that has robbed her of her fashion sense.

In the video, princess herself explains her plight and directs would-be heroes to team up in groups of three to overcome enemies and puzzles to lift her curse. The video covers many of the gameplay aspects including cooperative puzzles, costume tailoring, and a versus coliseum.

The game comes out on the 3DS on October 22nd in Japan, 23rd in North America and Europe, and 24th in Australia.