Mike Salbato
Undertale Review: 2015's Indie Darling?
Hearing about Undertale everywhere you go? There's a reason for that.
10.03.15 - 4:28 PM

Undertale is an indie title that — at least to me — came out of nowhere. A cursory glance on Steam reveals so many titles, that it's hard to know what's really worth your time and money. It took me quite awhile to finally play To The Moon, for example, despite the urging of many. It was a game made largely by a single person, Kan Gao, and I wish I had listened to people and played it sooner than I had.

From my "how good could it really be?" perspective, Undertale is similar to the joy that is To the Moon. A labor of love by a super small team, that on the surface may not jump out and scream "must-play," even with a quirky EarthBound-esque design. One of our newest reviewers, Robert Fenner, wrote up a positively glowing review that guarantees that I won't be ignoring this one as I've done before. So learn from me, and read Robert's review of Undertale. It's an enlightening read about what looks to be a fascinating RPG.