Colin Burns
See Some Combat in New Xenoblade Chronicles X Demo
Coming as a surprise to no one, fighting in a robot looks awesome.
10.02.15 - 5:31 AM

Nintendo has released new gameplay footage of upcoming Wii U exclusive, mech-filled, open world RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X. The video features the usefulness of the GamePad controller as it as shown displaying a map and allowing fast-travel across the massive game world.

The focus of the quick demo is the battle system. Xenoblade Chronicles X has a very similar battle system to its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles; you control your main character through special abilities on a hot-bar while your other party members act freely.

The cockpit view while in battle is amazing. Seeing an enormous monster from inside your Skell really sells the scale of the game. This reminded me of the first time you control a mech in Monolith Soft's original masterpiece, Xenogears.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is releasing on December 4th in North America, Europe and Australia for the Wii U.