Josh Curry
Retro Encounter 5-2: Terranigma
Who put an escort mission in my RPG?
10.02.15 - 1:22 AM

We reach the surface of the world only to find it devoid of friendly life. By completing a series of dungeons successfully resurrects the plants, animals and humans. Join us as we learn how to use magic rocks, celebrate Terranigma's weirdness and get excited for where the story may be going. We promise that it will more enjoyable than escorting an overexcitable adolescent lion.

Enjoy us for another exciting episode of Retro Encounter.

Retro Encounter 5-2: Terranigma

We are in the thick of Terranigma and with it comes the responsibility of resurrecting the plants, animals and humans. Although we have complaints about the confusing level design, the game's endearing weirdness and creative boss designs keep the Retro Crew excited to see the ending. We wrap up the discusiion by teaching Josh the power of magic rocks and arguing the virtues of protecting lost lions.

Featuring: Josh Curry, Davi Tesnovich, Jesse Woo, Peter Triezenberg

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