Robert Steinman
Create Captivating Characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X
Also, would you believe the main character was originally set in stone?
04.30.15 - 1:26 PM

Xenoblade Chronicles X, unlike its predecessor, features a fully customizable main character who will act as your in-game avatar. We've mostly seen the same character model in all of the preview footage, but now that the game is out in Japan we can finally get a look at just how deep this rabbit hole goes. Check it out!

Thankfully, you can also make a female character, and the options look just as plentiful.

What's interesting to note is the game originally featured a set main character with a specific design. This massive change came as a result of the implementation of online play, as the developers wanted every player to have their own unique avatar.

Sure, I'm going to miss Shulk and the rest of the gang, but maybe this could be a move in the right direction for RPGs and prove that a customizable main character doesn't come at the cost of story or character development. Xenoblade Chronicles X is out now in Japan and is planned for a 2015 release in the west.