David Brown
Adol On The Go With Ys Chronicles 1 Launching on Android and iOS
All six sacred books on one sacred phone.
04.29.15 - 6:51 PM

If you've $4.99 burning a hole in your pocket, you can now purchase Ys Chronicles 1 (the PC/PSP version) for Android and iOS, courtesy of DotEmu.

Ys Chronicles 1 tells the story of Adol Christin and his attempts to thwart a group of demons. In the game, players must work toward saving the cities of Estria by collecting the six Books of Y. Check out the Android/iOS launch trailer below.

The game arrives with two different modes: Adventure and Time Attack. A digital joystick appears on screen for players to navigate and kill enemies. The combat is entirely bump-based, so no other buttons are needed, but if players prefer, any controller that is compatible with the device they are using can be used instead. Android users can also opt to play through Android TV or NVIDIA Shield. For Android and iOS users, players can choose between Chronicles or Original graphics and also whether they want use the Chronicles, PC-88, or Original soundtracks.

Ys Chronicles 1 is available for iOS and Android now.