Robert Steinman
Learn More About The Great Ace Attorney From the Game's Director
You'll find no objections here!
04.29.15 - 4:07 PM

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see a western release of The Great Ace Attorney, but until we get confirmation I guess I'll have to settle for some new info and gameplay straight from director Shu Takumi. In a recent NicoNico stream, Takumi showed off some of the game's environments and epic courtrooms scenes. Check it out!

In the video, you can see Ryunosuke, the game's protagonist, wandering both England and Meiji period Japan. We already knew that Ryunosuke would be working with Sherlock Holmes, but it's nevertheless quite exciting to see the two awesome detectives working together. Courtroom battles also seem to play out in a similar fashion to previous Ace Attorney games.

The Great Ace Attorney is out in Japan on July 9th for Nintendo 3DS. No word on a US release as of yet, but we'll keep you posted as things develop.