Jesse Woo
New Xenoblade Chronicles X Details and Media
Can this game just come out already?
04.28.15 - 5:51 PM

Nintendo has released new information and media about Xenoblade Chronicles X's DLC and online play on the eve of its Japanese release. The DLC will come out on May 8th and will come in two different types. The first type will have four different packages costing 500 yen ($4.20) each. Each package will include a new character (HB, Boze, Ierv, and Aksena respectively) that can be recruited by completing three new missions included with the DLC. The packs will also have two new unique arts. Three of those DLC packs will also include the blueprints and resources for a new Skell (call a Doll in Japan). The names of the Skells are Yumbo, Policeman, and Excavator. The other pack will have a blueprint for a new weapon.

Three other DLC packs will cost 300 yen (about $2.50) each. They will each include six new missions where players can earn extra experience, money, or relationship points. Players who want everything can buy all the packs for 2000 yen ($16.80).

Flying Skell

Regarding online play, we have previous covered how players can complete squad quests to unlock squad missions and recruit the avatars of other players. However, now we know that players can search for other avatars based on level and class by using the Blade Scout Console. Further, is someone takes your avatar out on a mission you will earn rewards like union points, resources, and more. The following video covers the information.

On the subject of videos, a YouTuber named Dave Tsang has uploaded several that include the opening cutscene and over 20 minutes of gameplay and cutscene footage. You can check them out below if you like, but warned of possible spoilers. Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out April 29th in Japan and later this year in the West on the Wii U