Peter Triezenberg
Pre-register for Mobius Final Fantasy, get Tidus' Brotherhood Sword
The best of both worlds- it's a neat reference and a good weapon!
04.28.15 - 4:31 AM

Square Enix has opened up pre-registration for their upcoming mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy in Japan, and discerning gamers who are curious about the title may find some cool in-game goodies should they register.

mobius final fantasy brotherhood sword

Fans of Final Fantasy X may recognize Tidus' Brotherhood sword in the preceding image. Players who pre-register for Mobius Final Fantasy can get their hands on this sword earlier. While it is exclusive to the game's Warrior class, it does have a deathblow ability than can obliterate everything in its path when fully charged up. Jecht would be proud. Pre-registering also nets you an Elixer, which replenishes all of a character's stamina.

Mobius Final Fantasy is out this Spring in Japan for iOS and Android. We don't know whether or not it's coming Westward yet.