Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Gallery Update
What can we say, that benchmark has us all excited.
04.28.15 - 3:37 AM

If you're an active, or even semi-active Final Fantasy XIV player, you've probably already downloaded the just-released Heavensward benchmark and created an Au Ra character.. or two or three. And you've probably already overanalyzed your benchmark score with DirectX11. Me, I could go back and watch the dragoon limit break another few times.

So now that we have new material, we figured it was time to update Ye Olde Gallery with not only a collection of screens from the benchmark, but also new artwork for the expansion. You'll find some nice stills of the new jobs, gear and abilities.. and lots of flying mounts.

Screen ShotsScreen ShotsArtwork

Be sure to check out our gallery below for the rest! Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (PC, Mac, PS3, PS4) releases on June 23rd, with early access beginning on June 19th.