Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark Trailer, Details
The dragoon's limit break is WHAT?!
04.25.15 - 3:03 PM

Last night, Square Enix held day one of its latest Final Fantasy XIV streaming event, Nico Super FATE, this one centered around the benchmark for the Heavensward expansion. The benchmark allows players to mess around with character creation, including for the new Au Ra race, see the difference between DirectX9 and DirectX11 (you will be able to toggle between both), and give a glimpse of what's to come in the expansion.

Below is the 8-minute benchmark trailer, which shows off new jobs, gear, skills and limit breaks.

During the Q&A, it was mentioned that lots of new skills will be coming in Heavensward, not just something new every five levels. While the new jobs won't be getting Zodiac weapons, there will be a new quest similar to that of the Zodiac one, starting in 3.1. We will eventually see an increase in the number of retainers a character can have, armoury chest space, max chocobo ranks, Gold Saucer attractions, and more.

Also, it should be noted that the Au Ra are not actually related to the dragons after all, rather, their inspiration is demons. As far as raids are concerned, the development team seems open to the idea of a 'practice' or training mode for Alexander (Hard Mode).

The benchmark will be made available this coming Monday morning at 12:00 AM Pacific, and Heavensward is set for a June 23rd release date.

Lastly, if you've always wanted a Final Fantasy XIV-themed fighting game, I've got a video just for you.

It's too bad this video was just for fun, because they certainly put a lot of effort into it... and I wouldn't mind the chance to beat up Livia anytime I felt like it.