Andrew Barker
Omega Quintet's Live Concert Mode Shown in New Screenshots
Time to master those idols.
04.24.15 - 3:16 AM

In some new screenshots for Omega Quintet we get to take a look at the voltage meter, Live Concert Mode, and overkill mechanics. By building up the girls' voltage meter in battle, you can enable their Live Concert mode which results in buffs and boosted abilities, among other advantages. You can see a couple of images showing this below, but make sure to take a look at our updated gallery for the full selection.

live concert image 1 live concert image 2

Additionally, by starting the battle with different conditions and voltage meter levels you can adjust the various buffs and debuffs that effect battles. When fans are watching you can then fulfill their requests to keep the voltage meter pumping and Live Concert Mode lasting for longer. Succeeding with requests, or delivering overkills, can also reward bonus exp at the end of the fight.

Combat buffs and voltage Combat overkill

Omega Quintet will be available in North America on April 28th in both physical and digital formats. The game will then arrive in Europe on May 1st on disc, and be available digitally on May 6th.