Andrew Barker
Level-5 Announces Fantasy Life 2
Coming to a smartphone near you. ..No, don't sigh just yet.
04.24.15 - 3:11 AM

Level-5 have announced a sequel to their successful Nintendo 3DS title Fantasy Life, except Fantasy Life 2 will be hitting smartphones instead of a traditional handheld. The gameplay is expect to be similar to its predecessor: you create a character, live a virtual life where you can change roles, build a town, and fight monsters.

Fantasy Life 2 gameplay example

A newly released video gives a good demonstration of what you can expect from the game. In many ways it appears to be Fantasy Life version 2.0 — most of the same same mechanics and design principles are in place, though there will be a focus on town-building this time around. The same style of graphics and character design have been retained from the 3DS version too. You can take a look for yourself below.

Fantasy Life 2 will be released this summer in Japan for iOS and Android. No international release has been announced at this time.