Scott Clay
Lux and Seven Playable in Sword Art Online: Lost Song Update
The update is coming at the end of May.
04.23.15 - 2:00 PM

This week's Dengeki PlayStation revealed that Lux and Seven will join Sword Art Online: Lost Song as playable characters via a major update. The update is slated for the end of May, but no concrete date has been set yet.

Lux wields dual swords, and first made her appearance in the series in the Sword Art Online spin-off manga, Sword Art Online: Girls Ops Volume 01. Seven on the other hand is a new character already in the game, and will now become playable. It appears that she will wield a bow in battle.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song Gameplay

The update will also bring PvP matches, 2 types of duel events, new sub-scenarios, a gigantic new boss, New Game+, Galley Mode, and balance adjustments.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song was released in Japan on March 26th for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. A Western release has not been announced yet.