Robert Steinman
Super Heroes and Villains Clash in Marvel Future Fight
Just in time for Age of Ultron, shockingly!
04.23.15 - 12:40 PM

Ever wanted to see Hulk fight Iron Man or Thor? Oh, wait, they made a movie with all that stuff, right? Seemed like kind of a big deal. Oh well, now you can take an active role in the various fanfiction antics of your favorite Marvel superheroes with the free-to-play Marvel Future Fight.

Developed by Netmarble, Marvel Future Fight has 36 playable characters, including members of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. The game seems to be taking some of the best parts of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, with players increasing the stats of their favorite heroes.

Iron Man Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is out on April 30th for iOS and Android devices.