Scott Clay
Tokyo Xanadu Gets Japanese Release Date
I could make an Olivia Newton John reference here, but I won't.
04.22.15 - 4:47 PM

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the long awaited successor to the Nihon Falcom's Xanadu franchise, Toyko Xanadu, will be released in Japan on September 30th on the PS Vita. The magazine also revealed a few more details on the game including the 4th playable character named Yuuki Shinomiya.

magazine scan

Yuuki is a prodigy with an IQ over 180, but his personality causes problems for those that meet him. He earns all his money trading stocks and developing apps for smartphone devices. Despising school, he only goes the minimum number of days he needs to and would much rather spend his time in his luxury apartment. He gets caught up in the story when he creates the 'It Is as God Says" app, which begins to cause problems. In battle, he uses a hammer as his main weapon and "Soul Peridium". What he lacks in speed, he more then makes up for in power.

Speaking of battle, a few details on the battle system were also revealed. First up is "X Drive" which is a gauge on the bottom right of the screen that when is filled allows the player to gain increased offensive strength and movement speed. Other effects are possible, but they are dependent on the parties organization. Speaking of the party, it will consist of a max of 3 characters. Sometimes it is fixed but mostly you are free to choose which characters you want to use. The other gauge next to X Drive is the X Strike gauge. What it does is still a mystery, but its sure to be powerful.

battle screenshot

If that wasn't enough Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan has released a new trailer showing off some upcoming games, and at the 2:38 mark we get our first glimpse of Toyko Xanadu in action. Check it out below.