Jesse Woo
War Follows Humans to Mira in New Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer
No where to hide, even amongst the stars.
04.22.15 - 4:55 AM

The latest trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X reveals the central conflict in the game's story, the fight for survival against the antagonistic Vyer (also translated as Vaias) alien race. Though the trailer is in Japanese, the sentiment is clear: the Vyer do not like humans and appear to outmatch the interstellar refugees at every turn.

We may have to wait until Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out in Japan on April 29th on the Wii U to know the full story, but if there is any news in the mean time we will be sure to bring it to you at warp speed. You can also check out our preview to read about the game's story, world, combat, and more.