Scott Clay
Bravely Third Already In Planning Stage
Bravely Second isn't even out!
04.22.15 - 2:33 AM

With Square Enix's Bravely Second ready for release for the 3DS in Japan on Thursday, producer Tomoya Asano already has his sights set on Bravely Third. Tomoya Asano told the latest issue of Famitsu that even though it might turn some heads, he is planning on submitting a proposal for Bravely Third if sales for Bravely Second are good enough. He hopes that everyone will support him in this endeavor.

Bravely Second Gameplay

Assistant producer Shinji Takahasi has also confirmed that Bravely Second will have over 50 hours of main story, and it can last over 100 hours if you level up all the jobs and attempt every sub-event. If Bravely Second is this long, and Bravely Third is in planning, I wonder how the story will turn out.