Josh Curry
Date Girls on Vita with Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent
Ditch your phone, its time to be suave on your Vita.
04.21.15 - 8:11 PM

The smartphone dating simulator, Girl Friend Beta, will be coming to the PS Vita this summer. After being a successful free-to-play game, anime, and manga, Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent will be the series' first foray onto game consoles.

The Vita version will be similar to the core premise of the smartphone game; you will take eight different girls on dates in the hopes of making them fall in love with you. In the smartphone game, you collect attribute cards to be used while battling bad guys and balance your time to participate in club activities and school events, furthering your intimacy with the female students.

Girl Friend Beta: A Summer Spent will be released for the PS Vita in Japan during the Summer and will have a special boxed version.