Jesse Woo
Dragon's Dogma Online Screens Show Classes and Skills
Use the priest to guard your bits.
04.20.15 - 8:39 PM

New screenshots for Dragon's Dogma Online show four of the classes for the free-to-play PlayStation and PC game. The screens show four classes: Fighter, Hunter, Priest, and Shield Sage. The Fighter is an attacker that uses "Circle Cut," and you can probably tell what that attack does. Fighters can also use an upper-cut attack. The Hunter is a ranged attacker that uses "Spiral Shot" to hit multiple enemies in a line; they can also rain arrows down to hit multiple targets. The Priest is a healer and also casts "Guard Bits" to protect against attacks. Finally, the Shield Sage is a tank that uses "Saint Wall" to raise the party's defense. The Shield Sage can also slow enemy movements.

Dragon's Dogma Online launches in Japan later this year and will have cross-platform support between PS3 and 4 and PC.