Scott Clay
Luminous Arc Infinity Heroine Introductions and Combat Details
8 of the 12 heroines to light up your day.
04.20.15 - 12:21 PM

Developer Marvelous have recently released character details on 8 of the 12 heroines for their upcoming game, Luminous Arc Infinity. The first 5 of the reveals are in video format, and feature Aqua, Palsh, Violet, Brigitta, and Feilang. You can check them out below.






The next 3 don't have videos, unfortunately, but we do get to know a bit more about them.

First up is Rana, a timid girl who is not mindful of her surroundings. She is fearful of any creature that approaches her, and often breaks down because of it. Rana often has trouble expressing herself, which leads her to speaking in questions and posing philosophical questions to herself.

Next up is Hisoka, who is very talkative and laughs a lot. She likes setting traps, setting up puns, and reading. However, she only likes to read her books, as anything else goes in one ear and out the other. Hisoka gets along with just about anybody, and can withstand hunger, not breathing, and cold weather for long periods of time.

Last up is Kasumi, a calm and graceful women. Being very sociable, Kasumi gets along with everyone with a smile on her face. If angered, she will keep her smile, but will also draw her sword. Kasumi hopes to be an archaeologist one day, and is very knowledgeable on matters that deal with curse-related mysteries. When it comes to matters of romance however, she is not the most level-headed and easily losses her cool.

The heroines will be doing combat in Luminous Arc Infinity, and each one has a different set of "Arts" to take advantage of each attribute while in battle. If a heroine doesn't have the attribute she needs to take down an enemy, the player can trigger the ability "Duo Rent". Duo Rent allows one heroine to borrow an Art from another. Not only will it help in combat, but it will also increase the friendship between the two characters.

If that isn't enough to take down your foes, you can also trigger the ability "Duo Strike". Duo Strikes combine the Arts of two characters into one large powerful attack to strike down your foes. The attribute the combined Art will use changes to match the weakness of the enemy you are targeting so it is a very powerful ability to use in a pinch.

Also if you have a favorite heroine that you enjoy using then you can appoint her as the "Center Leader". Center Leaders can boosts to their attacks and increases the amount of experience points they obtain.

Luminous Arc Infinity is due out in Japan for the PlayStation Vita on August 6th. No Western release has been announced as of yet.