Scott Clay
Dress Up Your Dolls in Xenoblade Chronicles X
Jeez, they're giant mechs, get it right!
04.17.15 - 9:52 PM

The giant mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X, strangely named "Dolls", will have their own varying forms of customization. Not only will you be able to customize them with different weapon parts, but you'll also get to customize them with their own looks as well. The official website has released a video of the different types of customization you can do at the Blade Home. You can check it out below.

Of course any customized Doll must be chosen from a specific model type, and Xenoblade offers you 7 different frames to choose from.

First up is the Formula Series model. It uses a light frame and excels at high-speed combat. Its transformation mode is a motorcycle. The Formula series is the base frame of all other Dolls, and as such is one of the cheaper models. It comes equipped with JINRAI Gear.

The next light frame Doll is the Urban Series model. The Urban is not surprisingly good at urban environments. It has high durability and fight capabilities, but when using its enhanced armor the frames mobility takes a hit and its operation time is limited. The Urban's transformation mode is also a motorcycle, and it comes equipped with OBORO Gear. Lynlee specifically uses the Urban series.

The third light frame is the Wels series. The Wels series at its core is a light frame, but it is a heavily customized model with the power of a middle medium frame. Wels are a unruly beast and will take some time to get used to. They come equipped with HAGANE Gear and the "G-Buster" shoulder mount, which is made specifically for the Wels series. Wels is Elma's favorite model.

Lailah is the first of the medium frames. A custom machine, it was made with the concept of combining the light frame mobility with the extra firepower of the heavy weight. The "F-Rifle" was developed specifically for the Lailah series and they come equipped with NAGI Gear.

The Inferno Series is the second Doll with a medium frame. Infernos are one of the most mass produced Dolls thanks to their high durability, and its balance between melee and long-ranged combat. Their transformation mode is an armored car and they come equipped with the "B-Gatling" which was originally developed for the series. The model uses the HIBANA Gear.

Moving on to the heavy frames, we have the Mastema. A frame with multiple legs, the Mastema excels at long-ranged combat, but suffers in the mobility department. The Mastema uses the GEKITETU Gear, and the "M-Sniper" was specifically developed for the Mastema.

The final frame is the heavy Amdusias. A frame made for melee combat, the Amdusias has the highest durability and fighting power of all the Dolls. Its main drawback is that it is very expensive. Its transformation mode is a tracked vehicle and it comes equipped with the KURENAI Gear. The "E-Scythe" a large melee weapon was developed for the model.

If you want to see a video of some of these Dolls cruising, flying, and transforming you can check out the video below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out April 29th in Japan on the Wii U. North American and European releases are planned for later this year.