David Brown
Beta Testers Spend A Free Weekend In Tamriel With Elder Scrolls Online
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04.16.15 - 12:13 PM

Beta testers who weren't impressed enough to buyThe Elder Scrolls Online are being asked to give it another shot. For four days, beta testers who didn't purchase The Elder Scrolls Online are invited to play the full game for free.

According to The Elder Scrolls Online website:

"A lot has changed since The Elder Scrolls Online beta, and we want you to discover all the new adventures waiting for you in Tamriel. From Thursday, April 16th at 15:00 BST through Monday, April 20th at 15:00 BST, we’re inviting all beta players who never purchased the game to join us for a free weekend! You’ll be able to download the game and experience all of our six major game updates, tons of improvements and fixes, and all of Tamriel Unlimited. We hope you’ll join us!"

The Elder Scrolls Online was released last year and received mixed, mostly negative reviews. Since then, additions and tweaks have been made to make the game more enjoyable. The monthly subscription fee was also dropped. Check out the video for the new version, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited below.